A business built through the principles of Blue Ocean Strategy.

For many years we have been ‘stalky’ fans (big up the professors, Chan and Renee!) of Blue Ocean strategy. It has influenced the successful moves we made and opportunities created in growing a start up from £0 to £150m. A book selling over 3.5 Million copies worldwide and written by two INSEAD professors who are ranked number 2 in the top business thinkers of the world – one can’t deny it’s worth a skim!

With a fresh (2018) start comes the opportunity for Amplify to build a business entirely through the Blue Ocean Strategy process. And it’s empowering!

Be the first to read our story here (June 2018) as we apply our understanding of Blue Ocean strategy in what is probably the most turbulent, swirling, red ocean that there is! (media agencies and media ownership in the ad-tech era).

Meanwhile...we hope you will take the plunge like us and learn how to apply Blue Ocean Strategy to your own business. And our advice is this: it’s the human creation of value-innovation that gets Amplified by the technology (we don’t think Airbnb started on a computer).