Profitable Connections: 

      The Amplify Rewards Publisher Network

Amplify create profitable partnerships and happy customers, by connecting our Brand Partners' rewards and offers into our Reward Publishers' platforms.
From the simple provision of Brand Partner offers through to the design and build of bespoke rewards apps, Amplify powers Rewards Marketing.

Rewards for Profit and Customer Delight

There are many reasons why organisations have reward schemes, and Amplify's network of Reward Publishers demonstrates that variety. Some Reward Publishers seek 'gift rewards' for their members (offers so strong that they need to pay the Brand Partner per redemption), whereas most look to Rewards Marketing as a way of blending customer loyalty with revenue generation. All Reward Publishers, however, want to make their members feel like they're valued, which is why Amplify Rewards only ever carries offers and rewards that make customers feel special.

Quality Partnerships

Only reputable, scalable Reward Publishers are hand-picked to be invited to the AMP Rewards Network. We pride ourselves on the quality and reach of our top-tier loyalty and membership-based organisations, such as:

Technology for Trust

Amplify Rewards is built upon industry-leading technology that tracks all user interactions from the moment a reward is selected on a Reward Publisher's property (app, website, email etc), through to signup/sale on the Brand Partner's site. This means that our Reward Publishers can rest assured that they are being paid accurately and promptly for any actions that they drove on Brand Partner properties.