Turning Advertising...

       ...into Brand Partnerships

Rewards Marketing is not just another type of advertising. After all, an advert doesn't feel much like a reward!

That's why Amplify work with advertisers to help them become Brand Partners. This means identifying how they can create offers, samples or deals that are so compelling that users feel they are being rewarded. And this in turn engenders loyalty; happy customers gained through reward redemptions have a greater lifetime value than customers sourced through other more intrusive or competitive advertising channels. Or to put it another way: Customers gained through loyalty, are loyal!

And with a network of Rewards Publishers as varied as HSBC and Sweatcoin, it doesn't matter if your offering is beer or broadband... we have Reward Publishers to suit.

Why Rewards Marketing?

Ensuring Value

All rewards offers are shown within protected membership ecosystems. This means that your rewards are designed for new consideration, and are safeguarded from your existing savvy customers searching Google for phrases such as '(your brand) discount codes'.

Reach Further...

One of Amplify Rewards' unique strengths is our ability to help Brand Partners source customers from previously unreachable places. For example, one of our Reward Publishers is HSBC: an organisation with a hugely valuable urbanised membership base of people not responsive to traditional advertising channels.

Technology, Transparency & Data

Amplify's Rewards Management Platform is built upon independent industry-leading technology, meaning Brand Partners can rest assured that they have the ability to monitor the quality of customers/traffic down to a granular level. Amplify's platform also grants Brand Partners many of the safeguards found within other CPA-based channels like Affiliate Marketing (for example sales approvals).

Amplify Rewards in Action:

If you're an advertiser with compelling offers and would like to become a Brand Partner, why not get in touch!