Powering Rewards Marketing

After growing a dedicated rewards team within the Amplify business between 2017 and 2018, we realised that it was so specialised that it would benefit from being split out into a separate business. This is RewardsBag LTD.

Our goals:

  • Help our Reward Publishers get the very best from the world of rewards, by helping them source, negotiate and track the strongest possible offers for their customers or members.
  • Help our Brand Partners navigate the complexities of Rewards Marketing in order to use our Reward Publishers' walled gardens to their advantage: reaching new audiences, sourcing happy customers and building their brands.

Offline Driving Online

Our mission is to empower growth through ePerformance - offline marketing driving an online action! Removing the blinkers from an industry jaded by soft reporting metrics that support below par performance... You expect an accountable result from your digital media (eg Google). We deliver the same accountability and rigour, but through offline channels. Quite simply, we call it 'OFFLINE DRIVING ONLINE'!